Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Boss M

Who are you Boss M? Seriously. You look like a bad Jim Carrey movie from the early 90's. Do you go on job interviews looking like that? Do you think it's so cool to be different? You going hipster on me? Let me tell you where you're going buddy... NOWHERE!!!!

By God it looks like a clown just had the runs. It's like Morse Code for the blind. I don't know whether to hate it or run my back through a cheese grater. Half these letters are the same thing only to the side or upside down! Thank jeebus lowercase letters were nowhere to be found. You can compare that to the dwarf version of Britney Spears post crazy breakdown...

I like Jim Carrey, but it breaks my heart to use this font on him. The only reason I'm doing it is because the M reminds me of the Mask movie. Otherwise I wouldn't even use this fon't on a costume party invitation.

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