Thursday, April 30, 2009

B Surfers

If Jesus crash landed back to Earth from the outer dimensions of unknown time and space, rode into the hells of New York on a cactus and ordered a hot dog, you would get B Surfers.

OK so A for effort on making an almost complete alphabet with the A standing for "Atrocious". Is that a goldfish inside the o's? and why does the @ symbol look mysteriously like an eyeball? Do people even have ankhs anymore?!? And it's like almost every letter has an attachable air conditioner on it or something, but that doesn't constitute this font as being cool...

This guy's off to find the creator of this putrid eyesore and pop a cap his ace! I'd rather look at him for 2 minutes than the font itself. I bet you the pricks have poison in them and give all computers deadly viruses. For all I care, B Surfers can ride the waves of my middle finger back to the valley...

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